Fast, Helpful, Personal 3D Printing Support

Whether you’re managing a single printer or a high-throughput fleet, we’re here to help you achieve your full 3D printing potential, so you can stay focused on growing your business. Our Formlabs Services team has trained thousands of customers across dozens of industries.

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A team of industry experts.

Our experts in engineering, jewelry, dental, healthcare, and more understand your specialized workflows and how to support you in making them digital.

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Rapid response and resolution.

We’re committed to getting you up and running as quickly as possible. Service plan customers can call for urgent support and receive priority email support.

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Minimize downtime, maximize throughput.

Stay up and running, at any scale. Plans can include priority response, parts replacement, rapid printer replacement, dedicated reps, proactive monitoring, standby printers, and on-site repair and maintenance.

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Customized training and onboarding.

Book a training session to learn the ins and outs of 3D printing. We’ll cover pre-print preparation, maintenance, post-processing, and materials, and can customize your training to your needs.

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Up to three years of coverage.

Every Formlabs 3D printer includes a one-year warranty, with the option to add two additional years for extra peace of mind.

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Global support that speaks your language.

Our team of service engineers supports you from Boston, Berlin, Budapest, and Tokyo. We provide frontline support in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese with certified partners providing local support around the globe.

Form 3 & Form 3L Service Plans

Tailored for professionals, our premier stereolithography (SLA) service plans are designed to meet the needs of your business and deliver a rapid response to critical issues. Our Service Plans are backed by a dedicated team of certified workflow-trained support representatives.

Pro Service Plan (PSP)

Premium, proactive support to keep you printing nonstop.

Phone support
As a Pro Service Plan customer, you now have a direct line to our multilingual experts (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish) who are here to help you one-on-one. Call us Monday through Friday. 9 am - 6 pm ET and CET.

Priority email support
Your Pro Service Plan will get you to the front of the line for email support. Receive helpful responses, sometimes including short video tutorials, within hours.

Customized training session
Pro Service Plan includes a personalized 60-minute training for the Form 3 or a 90-minute training for the Form 3L. Join our experts for live onboarding training online or in person at Formlabs HQ in Boston, MA, or Berlin, Germany (once possible).

Hot Swap replacement printer
If your printer needs to be returned to our repair center to resolve a hardware issue, we’ll send you a replacement machine to minimize downtime. With Hot Swap, our service plan customers cut downtime without a 3D printer by 85% on average.

Worry-free coverage
Pro Service Plan extends the one-year warranty included with your printer to the full duration of the plan. Plan for the future with up to three years of coverage.

Customer Care

Basic support and resources included with every printer.

One-year warranty
Every Formlabs printer includes a one-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Email support
Our team of industry experts will respond to your emails within one business day.

On-demand resources
Visit our support site for on-demand videos and articles to help you learn the ins and outs of your Formlabs printer.

Fuse 1 & Fuse Sift Service Plans

Maximize your return, protect your investment, and eliminate unexpected costs with our Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift Service Plans. Choose our Premium Service Plan for maximum peace of mind with included on-site repair and maintenance from local certified SLS experts.

Premium Service Plan

Get maximum peace of mind with the hands-on Fuse 1 service plan. On-site visits and repairs from local certified SLS experts included.

Customized on-site training
​​​​​​​Get to know your Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift on your home turf with a customized training session defined by your needs, enabling you and your team to become SLS experts in no time. Trainings can be held remotely if needed.

On-site repairs included
We'll work with you to swiftly resolve any issues through remote support. If we determine that an onsite visit is necessary, Formlabs or your certified local partner will send an SLS expert to your facility for no extra charge.

Everything in the Standard Service Plan
The Premium Service Plan includes everything in the Standard Service plan: direct phone and email support, renewable coverage, and a worry-free warranty, with the added benefits of customized on-site training and no charge for on-site service visits.

Standard Service Plan

Phone and email service from certified SLS experts, with one annual on-site visit included and additional visits available for a fee.

Direct phone and email support
You’ll have phone and email access to Certified SLS Experts during business hours.

Annual preventative checkups
Get an annual on-site visit from a trained expert to perform routine maintenance so you can stay focused on running your business.

Renewable coverage
Both our Standard and Premium Service Plans offer one, two, or three years of support that can be renewed at your discretion. Purchase more years upfront for additional savings.

Worry-free coverage
If our team determines your Fuse 1 or Fuse Sift needs to be repaired, all parts and shipping costs are included with either Fuse 1 Service Plan.

Remote training
Join a two-part private remote training session with a Certified SLS Expert to make sure your team gets up and running smoothly.

Pay per on-site visit
The Standard Service Plan includes one annual visit from a certified SLS expert, and you can pay for additional on-site service visits.

Premium 3D Printing Support for Healthcare Professionals

Dental Service Plan (DSP)

A service plan designed to meet the demands of dental and orthodontic laboratories and practices.

Learn More: Dental Service Plan

Medical Service Plan (MSP)

A service plan tailored to support the specific needs of your healthcare facility.

Learn More: Medical Service Plan

Advanced Plans for High Throughput and Custom Production

Enterprise Service Plan (ESP)

Partner with a dedicated contact for top-tier service to keep your fleet healthy with advanced training, hardware options, and remote monitoring when available.

Factory Solutions

Build the factory of the future for demanding industrial applications. We offer custom production packages, expert consulting, and custom material development.

Learn More: Factory Solutions

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Submit a request to our support team. Follow our guidelines for submitting a request, and include details and photos of the problem you’re having so that we can help you as effectively as possible.